ESGO Courses

ESGO offers various types of courses including: 

+ Advanced courses for intermediate to experienced learners on various hot topics,
+ Special workshops and the Masterclass for fellows and young doctors, 
+   A range of regional educational courses in local languages,
and more.

2019 Courses

March 7-9, 2019 Advanced Course on Fertility Sparing Management of Gynaecological Cancers Hamburg, Germany Hamburg, Germany

April 11-12, 2019

ESGO Regional Ovarian Cancer Workshop (in cooperation with GSGO) Tbilisi, Georgia

April 19, 2019

ESGO Regional Course on Ovarian Cancer Surgery (in cooperation with RSGO) Saint Petersburg, Russia

April 25-26, 2019 

ESGO-SERGS: Primary Advanced Course in Robotic Surgery in Gynecologic Oncology ORSI Ghent, Belgium

May 10, 2019

ESGO Regional Course in Communication Skills Belgrade, Serbia

May 20-22, 2019

ESGO-ESGE Advanced Course in Endoscopic Surgery in Gynaecologic Oncology Rome, Italy

June 20-22, 2019

ESGO-ENYGO-ESO Masterclass in Gynaecologic Oncology Prague, Czech Republic

June 27-28, 2019

ESGO-SERGS Secondary Advanced Course in Robotic Surgery ORSI Ghent, Belgium

July 11-13, 2019

ESGO-IRCAD Advanced Course in Sentinel Lymph Node in Gynecologic Cancer IRCAD Strasbourg, France

October 3-5, 2019

ENYGO Laparoscopy Hands-on-Workshop Rome, Italy

December 5-7, 2019

3rd ESGO Advanced Course in Ovarian Cancer Surgery Hamburg, Germany

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Surgery Course

Advanced Course on Fertility Sparing Management 

March 7-9, 2019

Hamburg, Germany 

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ESGO 2019 Athens Congress

November 2-5, 2019

Athens, Greece

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Surgery Course

3rd ESGO Advanced Course on Ovarian Cancer Surgery
December 5 - 7, 2019 
Hamburg, Germany

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