Online Course on Bowel Surgery for Gynaecological Oncologists


» ESGO´s all-new online course on the topic of Bowel Surgery for Gyneacological Oncologists

» New format of pre-recorded and live lectures


This online course aims to ESGO members to acquire all the essential bowel surgery principles necessary to perform bowel anastomosis and stoma placement safely.

The course will consist of theoretical classes, surgical videos, and clinical cases.

Participants will have two distinct parts:

» 5 lectures will be pre-recorded and shared with participants 2 weeks before the course. Participants have to pass a short multi-test exam based on the pre-recorded lectures.

» Online course on November 12, 2021 (Friday morning and afternoon)


Target Audience

The course is aimed at all-age Gynaecological Oncologists surgeons who want to implement their knowledge in bowel surgery.


Teaching Format

The course will offer a combination of lectures, surgical videos, and discussions of cases.


Learning Objectives

Acquire the basic principles of bowel surgery to deal with specific circumstances in gynecologic oncology

Improve the understanding of the surgical rules and requirements to perform a safe bowel anastomosis and to place correctly stomas

Understand the potential complications during the postoperative period when performing bowel surgery

Obtain updated information in bowel surgical technique and management of complications.

Scientific Programme

» Detailed scientific programme will be published during June, 2021

» The complete course will cover the following topics:

Session 1: General considerations

  • The need for training for Gynecologic Oncologic surgeons
  • A brief history of bowel surgery and staplers
  • Surgical anatomy to master bowel surgery
  • Perioperative evaluation and preparation and management

Session 2: The bowel anastomosis 

  • An overview on sutures and staples
  • Techniques of bowel anastomosis
  • Particularities of small and large bowel anastomosis: step by step
  • Standard colorectal resection and anastomosis
  • Particular scenarios - j-pouch anastomosis, palliative by-pass
  • Risk factors for surgical complications after intestinal anastomoses. Prevention measurements.

Session 3: Stomas

  • The role of stoma placement in bowel surgery: indications
  • The role of the stoma therapist nurse.
  • Stomas: postoperative and long-term care
  • Types of stomas and technical issues
  • Stomas closure, when and how?

Session 4: Postoperative considerations

  • Postoperative care of patients with anastomoses
  • Management of severe complications after bowel surgery and stomas placement
  • The reintervention during the postoperative period
  • Management disturbing symptoms after bowel resection: Dealing with the short bowel syndrome and LARC + Nutritional consequences of bowel resection
  • Legal concerns for a gynaecological oncologist


Chairs & Faculty


Luis Chiva

Co-Chair of the Course

ESGO eAcademy Editor in Chief

Clinica Universidad de Navarra, Pamplona


Anna Fagotti

Co-Chair of the Course

ESGO Educational Committee Chair

Policlinico A. Gemelli Foundation, Rome


Denis Querleu

Co-Chair of the Course

ESGO Past President

Institut Bergonié Cancer Center Bordeaux




» Faculty will be announced during June


» Registration will open during June, 2021

» Registrations will be accepted on first come first served basis

» Limited number of 80 participants

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Course Package Fees for Online Course

Registration Fees for ESGO Members *  Regular Rate (EUR)
(ESGO is not a VAT payer)
ESGO Members 150
Country List A** 120
Country List B** 100
Nonmembers 300
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**Categories A and B are defined according to the World Bank Country Classification of Upper-middle-income economies (List A) and Low income/ Lower- middle-income economies (List B).


Fee includes:

» Admission fee to the online course


Cancellation and refund policy

» Before September 13, 2021 - Refund of 50%

» Starting September 13, 2021 - Non-Refundable


General Information


The participants will receive an official ESGO certificate of attendance.


Course Secretariat

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