Prevention committee

Prevention committee

The Prevention Committee was established in 2019 to fulfil the ESGO vision: Best treatment and prevention in gynaecological cancer. ESGO has set as its mission to improve the health and well-being of women with gynaecological cancers through prevention, research, excellence in care and education. The Prevention Committee is therefore one of the cornerstones to ensure the fulfilment of its mission.

The Chair of the Prevention Committee is Prof. Murat Gultekin.

Committee Goals

  • Facilitate systematic research, issue scientific publications, and disseminate findings in the prevention and treatment of pre-invasive diseases.
  • Raise public and governmental awareness and advocate about gynaecological cancers, their prevention and treatment through ENGAGe.
  • Collaborate with professional societies, patient advocacy organisations, policymakers and other stakeholders to advance gynaecological cancers prevention and care.
  • Contribute to cervical cancer elimination in Europe in line with the WHO elimination programme 2030. Decrease mortality and extend life of gynaecological cancer patients in line with the EU Beat the cancer plan.

Committee Structure

Prevention Committee Chair: Murat Gultekin








Marc Arbyn, Andreas Ullrich, Elmar Joura, Maria Kyrgiou, Jalid Sehouli, Mihaela Grigore, Patrick Petignat, Nadja Taumberger, Taja Bracic, Ico Toth, Mario Preti

Cooperation with key stakeholders

World Health Organization has launched ''Cervical Cancer Elimination Program'' on November 19, 2020.

The program asks the countries to vaccinate the girls under 15 years of age (90% coverage), to screen females by minimal two times when they are 35 and 45 (70%) coverage and to treat the lesions detected appropriately (in 90% of cases).

Modelling studies show that if all countries can implement the program until 2030 and can achieve these targets, there will be a 30% reduction in cervical cancer mortality by 2030 and the cervical cancer may be eliminated until the end of this century (namely incidence less than 4 \ 100.000).


ESGO Prevention committee has joined in to fulfil the WHO cervical cancer elimination strategy as a leading European actor in prevention.

Committee webinars

Upcoming webinars 2022:


  • All about HPV - myths on vaccines and treatment - March 1, 2022 at 6pm CET


Please follow our website for more information on registration for this webinar.

Past webinars


  • What is the colposcopy diagnosis - Interactive webinar (December 2021)

For recordings go to ESGO eAcademy portal. You need to register to access.


  • Cervical cancer elimination - is it possible or not? - for Doctors (June 2021)

For recordings go to ESGO eAcademy portal. You need to register to access.


  • Cervical cancer elimination - is it possible or not? - for Patients (June 2021)

For recordings please go to the ENGAGe YouTube channel.


  • Management of cancer patients during the Covid-19 pandemic (September 2020)

For recordings go to ESGO eAcademy portal. You need to register to access.

Committee Publications

2021 Publications:

  • ESGO list of HPV assays that can be used for cervical cancer screening, M. Arbyn, M. Gultekin.
  • Gynaecologic oncology on the global health agenda: A wake-up call. Gynaecologic Oncology.
  • HPV Prevention and Control – the way forward, The Lancet (in process of publication)
  • Self-tests in pregnant women (in process of publication)
  • ESGO-EFC-ESP statement on Local excision for CIN and early invasive cervical cancer - how to assess and report on the cone (in process of publication)
  • ESGO-ISSVD-EFC-ECSVD Consensus statement on the management of pre-invasive
    vulvar and vaginal disease (in process of publication)
  • Accuracy and effectiveness of HPV RNA testing in cervical cancer screening: systematic review and meta-analysis (in process of publication)


2020 Publications:


2019 Publications:

Scientific projects

  • ESGO involvement in the Horizon 2020 RISCC project.
  • ESGO requirements on HPV assays usable in cervical cancer screening (Marc Arbyn, Sciensano).
  • ESGO principles for triage tests or combination of triage tests (Marc Arbyn, Sciensano).
  • Assessment of Conisation.
  • Consensus statement on pre-invasive vulvar and vaginal disease (in collaboration with EFC, ESP, ISSVD and ECSVD).

Webinars of our partners

Upcoming webinars:


HPV Atlas and National Cancer Control Plan Western Balkans, October 14, 2021, 2 pm EEST

Andreas Ullrich, the ESGO Prevention Committee member was invited to express the voice of ESGO on HPV vaccination and screening during the HPV Atlas and National Cancer Control Plan virtual conference. He will be joined by Arben Vitia, Kosovo's Minister of Health and Venko Filipce ,North Macedonia’s Minister of Health. Special guest: Ilhan Kyuchyuk, MEP. The focus of this event is on examining ways for improving patient satisfaction with regards to healthcare policies.

To join the conference please register here.


IPVC 2021 - 34th International Papillomavirus Conference, November 15-19, 2021

Murat Gultekin, the ESGO Prevention Committee Chair will present the topic of Cervical cancer screening in the COVID era: strategies for increasing coverage together with other key speakers in the field of cervical cancer elimination (ECDC). For more information please visit the IPVS website.


National Cancer Control Plan conference, Bulgaria, November 25, 2021

ESGO Prevention Committee member Andreas Ullrich is invited as a speaker for the NCCP conference hosted by the Parliamentary Health Commission held at the National Assembly in Bulgaria on 25th November 2021.


Past webinars:


HPV Awareness event, Bulgaria, 22/7/2021

ESGO Prevention Committee collaborates with the European Parliamentary Forum (EPF) and joins forces together to boost awareness in HPV prevention across Europe. Together with Bulgaria’s National Information Campaign for the Prevention of Human Papilloma Virus the EPF organised an Awareness event in Bulgaria and invited our member, Dr. Maria Kyrgiou (UK) as a European expert on HPV.

Prevention Committee awards

Dr. Murat Gultekin was awarded the IGCS Distinguished Advocacy Award for his extensive and tireless efforts to unify advocacy NGOs throughout Europe, forming ENGAGe. As the leading founder of HPV DNA Screening, Mobile Trucks and Central Mammography Report Unit, cancer registry systems and community- based palliative care system he is partly responsible for major innovations in cancer screening in Turkey and around the world. For more info visit the IGCS website.