Prevention committee

ESGO Prevention committee

World Health Organization has launched ''Cervical Cancer Elimination Program'' on November 19, 2020.

The program asks the countries to vaccinate the girls under 15 years of age (90% coverage), to screen females by minimal two times when they are 35 and 45 (70%) coverage and to treat the lesions detected appropriately (in 90% of cases).

Modelling studies show that if all countries can implement the program until 2030 and can achieve these targets, there will be a 30% reduction in cervical cancer mortality by 2030 and the cervical cancer may be eliminated until the end of this century (namely incidence less than 4 \ 100.000).

The programme brings a lot of challenges and opportunities for the European countries and is especially important for East Europe.

ESGO has the role to educate its members the details of the program, and to give an up to date evidence about vaccines, screening and treatments to make them ready before action.

Webinar: Cervical Cancer Elimination - Is It Possible Or Not?

Webinar Cervical Cancer Elimination_Facebook (1)

Date: June 3, 2021

Time: 6pm CEST

Learning objectives:

To make ESGO members aware of the WHO elimination programme and to update their knowledge on HPV vaccines, screening and triage including the information on ESGO Prevention Committee products they can use.

Special guest: Nathalie Broutet - World Health Organization

Topics and speakers:

  • HPV Vaccines: Up to Date Evidence  (Elmar Joura + Kim Hulscher)
  • Cervical Cancer Prevention : Where Are We Are? (Maria Kyrgiou + Ico Toth)
  • Screening and Triage : Critical Points For Clinicians from Epidemiological Perspectives ( Marc Arbyn) 
  • Basics of Colposcopy and Treatment of Pre-Invasive Cervical Diseases  (Maggie Cruickshank)
  • Panel Discussion (Murat Gultekin and Jalid Sehouli)

Committee Structure

Prevention Committee Chair: Murat Gultekin



Marc Arbyn

Andreas Ullrich

Elmar Joura

Maria Kyrgiou

Jalid Sehouli

Nadja Taumberger (ENYGO)

Ico Toth (ENGAGe)

Esra Urkmez (Fundraising)



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