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The gynaecological cancers calendar includes ESGO congress, State of the Art Conference, MasterClass, workshops as well as ESGO Endorsed Meetings.

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January 27 - January 30, 2017

ECCO2017: European Cancer Congress

External Meetings
Amsterdam, Netherlands
ECCO2017 is the only truly multidisciplinary oncology Congress in Europe. You will learn about the most recent developments in monodisciplines from a multidisciplinary perspective and you will find out how these developments impact your clinical... View More >
January 30 - January 31, 2017

Radical Surgery in Advanced Ovarian Cancer “Old” but still the GOLD Standard

ESGO Endorsed Meetings
Milano, Italy
The course will deal with the current and high prognostic value that, despite of the extraordinary breakthrough we have witnessed in the field of biological sciences, no therapeutic strategy has so far reached. The course... View More >
February 17 - February 19, 2017

2nd Annual Meeting of MEMAGO, Middle East and Mediterranean Association of Gynecologic Oncologist

External Meetings
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
The main aim of MEMAGO is to increase awareness in gynecological cancers in Middle East and Mediterranean Countries, provide educational activities by nationally affiliated and international meetings, improve prevention of gynecological malignancies and carry out the evidence based management of gynecological cancers. View More >
February 18, 2017

Upper Abdominal Surgery in Gynecologic Oncology, Surgical Anatomy Workshop

ESGO Endorsed Meetings
Graz, Austria
This cadaver workshop focuses on the key points: mobilization of the liver, surgery of the diaphragm, splenectomy and paraaortic lymphadenectomy. Register at View More >
February 23 - February 24, 2017

Cancer in pregnancy and Fertility sparing management of Gynaecological cancers

ESGO Endorsed Meetings
Prague, Czech Republic
The aim of the meeting is to collect experts in the field of oncologic care dealing with young patients involved by cancer in pregnancy or cancer before closing their fertility plans.Part of the meeting is... View More >
March 03, 2017

11th International Symposium on Advanced Ovarian Cancer: Optimal Therapy. Update.

External Meetings
Valencia, Spain
International one day symposium that covers all hot topics concerning diagnosis, biology and therapy of ovarian cancer. Attendees and members of the faculty are mainly medical oncologists and gynaecologists, but also other specialists who work... View More >
March 08 - March 12, 2017

9th DIP Symposium on Diabetes, Hypertension, Metabolic Syndrome and Pregnancy (DIP)

External Meetings
Barcelona, Spain
The 9th DIP Symposium aims to bring to the forefront matters of invention, innovation, ultimately leading to “winnovation” solutions in Maternal and Fetal Medicine. The Symposium will draw from its previous Symposia and develop further...
March 21 - March 23, 2017

1st Gynecology oncology and peritoneal surface malignancies workshop

External Meetings
Mansoura, Egypt
Live open and laparoscopic gynecology oncology and peritoneal surface malignancies surgeries, with gynecology oncology radiology course plus MDT meetings discussing challenging cases and lectures about common pitfalls in gynecology oncology practice.
March 31 - April 01, 2017

Multidisciplinary approach to gynaecological cancer

ESGO Endorsed Meetings
Krakow, Poland
The main topic of the conference will be the problem of gynaecological cancers from the surgeon, radiotherapist, clinical oncologist, radiologist and pathologist perspective. You can find the detailed conference programm on our website, as well... View More >
April 21, 2017

The Fifth Symposium in Gynecological Oncology

ESGO Endorsed Meetings
Sremska Kamenica, Vojvodina, Serbia and Montenegro
The 5th Symposium in Gynaecological oncology, this year focused on the use the HPV vaccine in more than 10 years clinical practice. Sharing and spreading information and experience.
May 03, 2017


External Meetings
Tampere, Finland
The program comprises lectures and hands-on training in a cadaver lab. The event is targeted to gynae oncologists and subspecialty trainees (gynae oncology track: 8 positions) as well as plastic surgeons and trainees (plastic surgery... View More >
May 11, 2017

4. Luzerner Symposium für Gynäkologische Onkologie

ESGO Endorsed Meetings
Luzern, Switzerland
Schwerpunktthema des Symposiums werden die Malignome des Corpus uteri sein, also allen voran das Endometriumkarzinom und die Leiomyosarkome. Uns ist es wieder gelungen herausragende internationale und nationale Referenten nach Luzern einzuladen, somit erwartet uns ein... View More >
May 26 - May 27, 2017

The Updates in Gynecological Oncology for Opinion Leaders

ESGO Endorsed Meetings
Yerevan, Armenia
This is the third ESGO backed event held in Armenia. After basic workshops organized in 2009 and 2010 a marked improvement in terms of chemotherapy, pathology and imaging has been noted. This meeting will be...