European Society of Gynaecological Oncology

Europe’s Leading Gynaecological Cancers Society

Founded in 1983, the European Society of Gynaecological Oncology (ESGO) is a growing not-for profit organisation and forum of more than 3,400 professionals from across Europe and all around the world, dedicated to promoting the highest quality of care for women with gynaecological cancers.

Our Vision: Optimal prevention and care for all women in Europe with gynaecological cancers.

ESGO’s Mission

UntitledTo improve the health and well-being of European women with gynaecological (genital and breast) cancers through prevention, excellence in care, high quality research and education.

ESGO Activities

ESGO aims to achieve high standards of professional training and care for gynaecological oncology in Europe.

These goals are accomplished through a variety of activities.

ESGO holds a biennial European Gynaecological Oncology Congress, publishes the International Journal of Gynecological Cancer (IJGC), has set up formal guidelines of training in gynaecological oncology and runs European hospital accreditation.

Annually ESGO organises numerous educational workshops with special emphasis on European countries where facilities and education is lacking, and also provides traveling fellowships to enhance communication and mobility within different European institutions.

ESGO focuses special attention on education through eAcademy, an exclusive interactive educational online portal. The knowledge portal features the latest ESGO congresses presentations given by internationally-renowned speakers on specialised issues of clinical importance in gynaecological oncology.

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ESGO members all have different histories, different customs and different languages, but they all have the same mission – to do the best they can to improve the survival and quality of life of European women with Gynaecological (genital and breast) cancers.

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ESGO Statement on Laparoscopic Radical Hysterectomy

Many ESGO members and colleagues worlwide have been expecting the position of the ESGO after the publication of the New England Journal of Medicine papers challenging the role of minimal invasive surgery in early cervical cancer, an approach which was until now favored in the ESGO guidelines. The document elaborated by the ESGO Council reflects an ambition of reconciling several priorities: taking into account the available level 1 evidence, fully informing the patients, avoiding industry or technology driven positions, advising on the possible ways to overcome flaws of the minimal invasive approach, and encouraging further investigation on this sensitive clinical issue. 

Please read the full statement here.

 ESGO Council 2017-2019


Denis Querleu, France

Past President

David Cibula, Czech Republic


Cristiana Sessa, Switzerland


 Philipp Morice, France

Council Members

Anna Fagotti, Italy

Nicole Concin, Austria

Annamaria Ferrero, Italy

Christina Fotopoulou, UK

Dimitrios Haidopoulos, Greece

Pawel Knapp, Poland

Dina Kurdiani, Georgia

Jonathan Ledermann, UK

Jordi Ponce, Spain

Mansoor Raza Mirza, Denmark

Cagatay Taskiran, Turkey

Elzbieta Van Der Steen Banasik, Netherlands

Pauline Wimberger, Germany

Sandro Pignata, ENGOT Chair, Italy

Kamil Zalewski, ENYGO Chair, Poland



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ESGO Committees

Upcoming events


ESGO 2019 Athens Congress

November 2-5, 2019

Early registration deadline         July 10, 2019



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Minimally Invasive Surgery Course

Secondary Advanced Course in Robotic Surgery
June 26-28, 2019
ORSI, Belgium 

Advanced Surgery Course in Sentinel Lymph Node in Gynecologic Cancer

July 11-13, 2019
IRCAD, Strasbourg, France


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Masterclass 2019 in Gynaecological Oncology

June 20-22, 2019 
Prague, Czech Republic




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