ESGO-IRCAD Advanced Course

Advanced Surgery Course in Sentinel Lymph Node in Gynecologic Cancer


An Exclusive 3-Day Course at the IRCAD training Centre in Strasbourg, France, July 11-13, 2019 in Strasbourg, France, to advance your knowledge and skills.

The course has been accredited with 20 European CME credits (ECMEC®s) by the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME®).

Advanced laparoscopic surgery for university leaders

Although established over decades ago, and acknowledged as a standard in the surgical management of gynecologic cancer, laparoscopic surgery is not yet universally used, even though it represents at this point in time both a cost-effective and patient-friendly approach compared to open surgery and robotic-assisted laparoscopy.

The main obstacle is the learning curve. A number of busy university leaders, extremely skilled in open surgery, do not have the time to develop their laparoscopic skills.

The ESGO has decided to collaborate with the IRCAD in Strasbourg, France, a world famous teaching center in laparoscopic surgery, fully equipped with a high-end animal laboratory, to propose a limited number of seats in a semi-private course for European university key opinion leaders.

The theoretical part of the three day course will be organized in parallel to the well-established yearly IRCAD course on laparoscopic surgery in gynecologic oncology.

The practical part will include a live surgery demonstration session, and a hands-on animal laboratory session. A private room with 6 operating tables will host 12 participants. Four world-class laparoscopic surgery teachers will act as proctors.  

As a result of the inherent limited space, the 12 participants will be selected after an application process. 

After selection by the ESGO, the registration process and payment of fee will be completed with the IRCAD. The registration fee is with no financial benefit for the ESGO.

View the course programme, as of July 11-13, 2019.

Course Objectives

  • To understand the rationale of the sentinel lymph node (SLN) procedure in the treatment of female genital organ alignancies in the era of minimally invasive surgical oncology and individualization of therapeutic management.
  • To master the surgical technique of SLN sampling, including anatomical landmarks of each genital organ’s specific lymphatic drainage
  • To be familiar with technical modalities, imaging techniques, and available tracers, including the role of fluorescence in the future of cancer surgery
  • To be able to incorporate the results of SLN pathological assessment in the management of gynecologic malignancies
  • To perform hands-on practice on live tissue (mini-pigs) in order to shorten and secure the learning curve in clinical practice


Target Audience

The ideal profile of the course candidate is an experienced gynaecological oncologist with extensive open surgery experience, in a university hospital position of a leader of a teaching unit, looking to improve the use of laparoscopy for oncological cases and fluent in English.


Teaching Format

The advanced course is a 3-day workshop in advanced Gynecological Cancer and Laparoscopic Approach, offering advanced theoretical sessions combined with a live surgery demonstration and practical training on live tissue (mini-pigs).

Participation is compulsory throughout the course. The course will be conducted entirely in English. 



Registration to the course will be open on the begging of January 2019.

General Information

General Information 

The ideal profile of the course candidate is an experienced gynaecological oncologist and fluent in English.

Attendance to the course is limited to 12 participants.

Applications will be treated on a first-come-first-served basis, and selected by ESGO based on their level of experience, according to the brief description of professional background provided to the jury. 


Application Process 

Deadline for the submission will be published soon.



  • ESGO membership for 2019 is a mandatory condition for attendance.View the ESGO membership renewals and application.


Gynae-oncologists Interested to Apply?


Applying process and registration will be open soon


In registering for the course participants agree that the organizer is not responsible for individual medical, travel or personal insurance. Participants are requested to arrange their own travel and health insurance. The organizer cannot assume liability for changes in the program due to external circumstances.

Travel & Accommodation

Course Secretariat

For more information and the status of your registration, please contact us at

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Check the programme 

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Course Directors

  • Cherif Akladios, France

  • Denis Querleu, France



  • Nadeem Abu-Rustum, USA

  • David Cibula, Czech Republic

  • Sabrina Croce, France

  • Michele Diana, Italy

  • Walter Gotlieb, Canada

  • Eric Leblanc, France

  • Fabrice Lecuru, France

  • Michel Mueller, Switzerland

  • Jan Persson, Sweden

  • Xavier Pivot, France

  • Ate Van Der Zee, Netherlands

  • Kamil Zalewski, Poland

Venue: IRCAD Strasbourg , FRANCE