ESGO/ESGE Advanced Course on Endoscopy in Gynaecological Oncology


» Advanced theoretical lectures - pelvic trainers - live surgery - hands-on training with animal     models

» Learn from and listen to the most experienced European surgeons!


Europe has a long tradition of endoscopic surgery that we strive to continue. Nevertheless, even though laparoscopy has been established for decades as a cost-effective and patient-friendly approach compared to open surgery and robotic-assisted laparoscopy, it is not yet universally used in gynaecological oncology.

The increasing use of treatment integration and new biological drugs in gynaecologic oncology make endoscopy a valuable tool for the diagnosis and treatment of patients.

In this course, laparoscopic gynaecologic oncologic surgeons will demonstrate the objective measurable theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary when performing such procedures. The course programme features advanced theoretical lectures, live surgery, pelvic trainers and an exclusive lab featuring hands-on training with animal models.


Target Audience

The ideal profile of the course candidate is an experienced gynaecological oncologist who is both looking to improve the use of laparoscopy for complex oncological cases and fluent in English.


Learning Objectives 

The course aims to provide participants the technical expertise they need with regard to equipment and approaches used for different pathologies as well as exercises for acquiring and testing laparoscopic psychomotor skills.

Scientific Programme

Scientific programme will be available soon.



Chairs & Faculty


Anna Fagotti 

Co-Chair of the Course and ESGO Council member

Policlinico A. Gemelli Foundation, Catholic University of the Sacred Heart

Rome, Italy

Philippe Morice

Co-Chair of the Course and ESGO Education Committee Chair

Institute Gustave Roussy 

Villejuif, France 



Faculty will be published soon.



» Registration will open in February

» Limited space of 21 participants


Registration will be opened in February, 2020. Applications may not be wait-listed.

As a result of the inherent limited space, the 21 participants will be selected after an application process, with respect to geographical balance of countries and regions as well as level of experience judged by the committee, according to the brief description of professional background provided to the jury.


ESGO membership for 2020 is a mandatory condition for attendance. View the ESGO membership renewals and application.


Course Package Fee* - 1 250 EUR

*ESGO is not a VAT payer


Fee includes
  • Admission fee to the course
  • Accommodation for 2 nights in a single room, in a standard hotel in the vicinity of the course venue
  • Transfers from the course venue to the hotel (and back) will be arranged during the course days. Transfer to the airport on May 13, 2020 is not provided
  • Coffee breaks, lunches and welcome dinner
Attendee inclusion criteria
  • Age ≥35 years
  • Completion of training in gynaecologic oncology (if in a country with recognised accreditation) or at least 5 years’ experience in gynaecologic oncology
Cancelation and refund policy
  • Before April 6, 2020  - Refund of 50%
  • Starting April 6, 2020  - Non-Refundable


General information


» J&J Medical in Hamburg, Germany



If the fee is not received in a due time, the position will be offered to the next suitable applicant.

The reservation can only be confirmed upon receipt of the course package fee payment.

ESGO membership for 2020 is a mandatory condition for attendance. View the ESGO membership renewals and application.

Should we receive a cancellation, wait-listed applicants will be contacted by the course Secretariat.



In registering for the course participants agree that the organizer is not responsible for individual medical, travel or personal insurance. Participants are requested to arrange their own travel and health insurance. The organizer cannot assume liability for changes in the program due to external circumstances.


Course Secretariat

For more information and the status of your organisation, please contact us at 

Travel & Accommodation


Attendees are responsible for their own travel arrangements.



Hotel Wilhelm Busch Norderstedt GmbH

Wilhelm Busch Platz

Segeberger Chaussee 45

22850 Norderstedt


Accommodation for 2 nights in a single room, in a standard hotel in the vicinity of the course venue will be arranged by ESGO on May 11, 2020 (check in) – May 13, 2020 (check out).



If extra night is needed, it can be arranged by ESGO, but will be paid by attendees in addition to the course package fee.