Core Knowledge Assessment Test
in Gynaecological Oncology

ESGO Exam Committee

ESGO Exam 

We are pleased to announce the launch of yet another major ESGO project: the ESGO examination in gynaecologic oncology.

Starting November 2019 in Athens, ESGO will organize this MCQ-based examination yearly.

A workgroup that includes gynaecologic oncologists, radiation oncologists, medical oncologists, and pathologists has been working for months on elaborating a database of questions that encompass all fields of gynaecologic oncology.

We encourage fellows and junior doctors to take this examination, as the ESGO theoretical exam is designed to complement their clinical training. More experienced colleagues, who need a certification of their knowledge in countries where gynaecologic oncology is not recognised as a subspecialty, may also benefit. A list of readings, including material available in the ESGO eAcademy, will be provided to candidates for exam preparation.

The application process will start at the beginning of February.

This project rounds out the list of services provided by ESGO, which is now a comprehensive body able to provide basic and advanced knowledge through its meetings, courses, workshops, and eAcademy. We now have a tool for the assessment of knowledge that is run independently of our fellowship program, which is active in most European countries.

We do hope that many of you will take the opportunity to improve your knowledge by preparing for this demanding but fair assessment. This is one step further towards full recognition of gynaecologic oncology, the subspecialty which specifically serves gynaecologic cancer patients.


    Prof. Denis Querleu, ESGO president          Prof. Ignace Vergote, Chair or the ESGO examination committee        

ESGO Exam Committee

Committee Chair

Ignace Vergote, Belgium

Committee members

Elzbieta van der Steen – Banasik, Netherland

Cristiana Sessa, Switzerland

Mansoor Raza Mirza, Denmark

Annamaria Ferrero, Italy

Taskiran Cagatay, Turkey

Christina Fotopoulou, United Kingdom

Anna Fagotti, Italy

Philippe MORICE, France

Pauline Wimberger, Germany

Rene Verheijen, Netherland

Kamil Zalewski, Poland

Maximilian Klar, Germany






Dimitris Papatheodorou, Greece

Gloria Cordeiro Vidal, France

Gokhan Boyraz, Turkey

Eva Myriokefalitaki, United Kingdom

Maria Rosaria Raspollini, Italy

Xavier Matias-Guiu, Spain

Remi Nout, Netherland

Carien Creutzberg, Netherland

Hans Nijman, Netherland

Annette Hasenburg, Germany

Antonia Testa, Italy

An Coosemans, Belgium


Clinical practice requires capability to evaluate the problem and find the most suitable solution in an adequate period of time within the context of a continuously evolving multidisciplinary approach.

A regular update of competences is therefore needed. Preparation for the ESGO exam increases your knowledge in the fields of medical specialties which make you a gyneconcologist with a true multidisciplinary update approach.

Prof. Cristiana Sessa, Switzerland

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