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Ride 4 Women Itinerates Europe from North to South in 2017

An ambitious bicycle tour across 6 countries from Oslo to Vienna inspiring women for a conscious and healthier lifestyle


ride4women_logo2Ride 4 Women is a women's cancer awareness initiative of an annual bicycle tour, in cooperation with ESGO and ENYGO.

The annual bicycle tour is aimed at setting an example and focus on informing women about female cancer, early detection, diagnostics, treatment options, and lifestyle management to encourage women to do a physical activity and a balanced diet, thus actively help to reduce the number of deaths related to women cancer and to prevent gynaecological diseases.

Ride 4 Women "Be active - choose life" bicycle tour campaign


On July 3, 2017,  Ride 4 Women starts in Oslo, Norway and will go via Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Czech Republic and finally end in Vienna, symbolically bringing the ESGO Awareness Activities to the city where the ESGO 2017 Congress will take place in November this year. 

The group will make 6 stops in major European cities and at every stop a public event with the support and participation of volunteers, national cancer organizations and national patient groups is planned. 

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ESGO increases public awareness together with national societies and local partners




The Ride4Women annual bicycle tour, this year links Oslo with Vienna, a 1600+ km tour with multiple riders, media presentations, press conferences, public talks to increase awareness with the slogan

“Be faster than cancer – together!”







Be active and join the next ride 4 women tour! 
It doesn’t matter how many stages you ride: the important thing is taking part.


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ESGO would like to use this opportunity to express sincere gratitude to all sponsors and hundreds of volunteers who supported these extraordinary and very important activities.

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