Message from ESGO President

Message from ESGO President


Dear colleagues and friends,


It is my pleasure to address you for the first time as the ESGO president.


Over my term, I wish to keep our patients first and foremost in my mind. Congress attendance and membership numbers are important, educational projects and studies are crucial, but we cannot lose sight of the fact that our goal is to decrease the burden of disease in patients.


Earlier this month, I convened a strategic meeting. We will soon spread the decisions raised in this meeting and with the ESGO Council, but I can share now that I am committed to furthering ESGO’s position as a European society with a global vision.

By global, I don’t mean only geography. Nor am I only referring to our non-European colleagues who enrich our Society and make up 25% of ESGO members and attendees in our courses. Global also means that we must look at the entire management of women’s cancers—not only treatment of the disease itself but prevention, diagnosis, and awareness. We must ensure that our Society and our offerings are multidisciplinary, including voices from radiation and medical oncologists and pathologists, among other specialists, so that we are the European voice of all physicians in charge of the management of gynaecological cancers. We must also include perspectives from patients. Global means we will continue our work with the World Health Organisation and other societies to fight against cancer, particularly cervical cancer, with an emphasis on prevention, HPV vaccine awareness, and increasing quality of life for patients during and after management of their cancer.


However, while we strive for a global viewpoint, we must also act locally and listen to the opinions of our colleagues. Over the next few years, ESGO will adapt our courses, events, guidelines, and other initiatives so that they continue to meet the expectations of you, our members.


To that end, in 2020, I intend to strengthen and reinforce our collaborations with European national societies in gynaecological oncology and continue to support our colleagues and neighbours in Eastern Europe, Russia, Turkey, North Africa, and the Middle East. We also will work closely with ESMO, ESTRO, and ESP to launch new and continue ongoing joint projects. I also particularly wish to make the strongest link with our colleagues from the IGCS, synergising our strengths and creating new opportunities to work together in pursuit of our common goal and for the good of our patients. After all, helping our patients—fighting against their sickness and making progress in management of the disease—is the reason we have chosen our vocation. We know this vision and wish is shared by our colleagues and friends.


Thank you for your participation in our Society and your support. I look forward to seeing you at the State of the Art Conference in Copenhagen this June.


Philippe Morice

ESGO President