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ESGO Certification for Ovarian Cancer Surgery

Get Your ESGO Certification
for Advanced Ovarian Cancer Surgery

The ESGO certification for advanced ovarian cancer surgery is an award attributed to institutions, which can offer patients the specific skills, experience, organization, and dedication that are required to achieve optimal levels of surgical care.


The ESGO certification is based on the completion of 10 quality indicators and a scoring system that has been designed and internally validated within the International Expert Panel

Centres interested to get certified are required to:

  • Complete and meet the ESGO quality indicators.

  • Perform a minimum of ≥20 cytoreductive surgeries for advanced epithelial ovarian cancer per year.

Only centres that meet the above requirements can start the application process for the ESGO certification by filling out the Application and Self-assessment forms, along with the corresponding marks of the scoring system*.

* Quantitative data requires documentation of the data to be available, for example in a database.

Why get certified?

The centres receiving the ESGO certification will be entitled to:

  • Use the subtitle “ESGO certified center in advanced ovarian cancer surgery”

  • Use the ESGO logo in its ovarian cancer related communication

  • Be listed on the ESGO Guidelines website for patients’ and physicians’ reference

Application Process

Interested to apply for the ESGO certification in advanced ovarian cancer surgery?

Follow the below requirements and process:

1. Make sure that the number of advanced ovarian cancers operated during the last three calendar years is ≥20 per year.

2. Provide :

  • Number of referred cases (N) during the last three years

  • Number of operated cases

  • Proportion of primary debulking surgeries in treatment naive patients

  • Proportion of complete cytoreduction at primary and interval surgery

An anonymised database including the above, plus pathology type and grade, FIGO stage and sub-stage, age, and performance status is mandatory.

3. Further provide:

  • Number of surgeries per surgeon per year
  • Documentation of clinical trials (NCT Number and recruitment numbers overall per year, and if available publication list)
  • Description of how complications are documented and quality management is performed

4. Fill out the below application and the self-assessment forms with scoring.

5. Send the forms to the ESGO Guidelines Secretariat, along with the administrative fee and commitment to cover possible audit expenses.


Need further information? Contact the ESGO Guidelines Secretariat


Application Review
Centers of Excellence Award

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