ESGO Accreditation & Certifications

For Training in Gynaecological Oncology
and Ovarian Cancer Surgery Certifications

Ovarian Surgery Certification

Ovarian Cancer Surgery


The ESGO certification for advanced ovarian cancer surgery is an award attributed to institutions, which can offer patients the specific skills, experience, organization, and dedication required to achieve optimal levels of surgical care.

The ESGO certification is based on the completion of the ESGO quality indicators.

A scoring system has been designed and internally validated within the International Expert Panel.

Only centres which perform a minimum of ≥20 cytoreductive surgeries for advanced epithelial ovarian cancer per year can apply for certification.

The candidate centers have to fill a self-assessment form including the ten ESGO quality indicators, along with the corresponding marks of the scoring system.

As some of them involve quantitative data, documentation of the data, for example in a database, must be available.

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